Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

The Mental Checklist Series of Organized Dialogue: (1) OD As A Mental Model

Organized Dialogue (OD) is a mental model. A mental model is basically an idea that organizes your mind around certain important features of that idea. By providing specific categories relevant to your perception and action, mental models frame your thinking.

I submit this mental model of the Organized Dialogue for your consideration and application, and I'll do so in several installments of The Mental Checklist Series of Organized Dialogue over the next few months. I would love to hear your feedback.

I'm confident the mental model of Organized Dialogue will help you to organize your own mind - whenever, and whereever, you design, and navigate, a participative process through the unchartered sea of change ahead of you. In that sense, your mental model of Organized Dialogue is a good tool, like a compass, to help you reach your goals on that journey. I would hope that this mental helps facilitators deliver professional services whereever they engage people for change.

The mental model of Organized Dialogue has a basic structure, and upon that basic structure - that skeleton - other elements are affixed to bring the model to life. You can latch on elements from your own experience. In fact, for any new mental model, you need to make it your own by braiding and weaving your existing mental models into it. You can do that by mere acts of imagination and reflection, but you get more out of it when you apply it to your actual work.

Please stay tuned for updates... thank you.

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